What You Need To Know About Pneumonia

Do the vaccines totally protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia?

Information provided from outside our interview with Dr. Hogue: Studies show that at least one dose of PCV13 protects 45 out of 100 adults 65 years or older against pneumococcal pneumonia and 75 out of 100 adults 65 years or older against invasive pneumococcal disease such as meningitis, FabOverFifty learned from the CDC. Studies also show that 1 dose of PPSV23 protects between 50 and 85 out of 100 healthy adults against invasive pneumococcal disease.


It also is thought that those who are vaccinated, and do get pneumococcal pneumonia, experience milder cases.

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  1. Bridget Meagher says:

    Good, important info but an excessive number of clicks required (11) to read info that could be presented in article form on one to two pages. I got to page 4 and stopped reading.


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