What You Need To Know About Pneumonia

Why do some people decide not to be vaccinated?

The pneumococcal vaccination rates are well below the US Department of Health and Human Service’s Healthy People 2020 targets for adults aged 65+10 And, according to a Pfizer-sponsored survey of 500 adults 65 years and older, 40 percent have not received a pneumococcal vaccination.11 It’s a myth that pneumococcal vaccinations are just for the elderly, and it’s important for those 65+ to do all they can to promote good health and prevent disease, specifically pneumococcal pneumonia. A great first step for those 65+ is to speak with their healthcare provider about getting vaccinated.


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  1. Bridget Meagher says:

    Good, important info but an excessive number of clicks required (11) to read info that could be presented in article form on one to two pages. I got to page 4 and stopped reading.


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