Waking Up To Women

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Whenever Shelley even glances at the supplement aisle at her local chain drugstore, the options overwhelm her. “It seems like I read a new article every week about the latest and greatest supplement, and why a product that was hot three months ago has become a no-no. I absolutely need supplements now that I’m in menopause, but I have no idea which ones to buy. It’s frustrating and upsetting!” Shelley said.

Shelley, and millions of other women, will be delighted to learn that a store we’ve known for years aims to become the go-to destination for superior health, wellness and beauty products for women 45+. When our backs were turned, GNC woke up and recognized that we’re a pretty darn important community of ladies! Firmly established as the leading resource for sports and fitness supplements, GNC is now determined to help boomer women feel and look the best we can, without a bit of frustration. “Lots of physiological changes take place in a woman’s body starting in perimenopause and then leading into menopause,” said Guru Ramanathan, Chief Innovation Officer, who has been with GNC for two decades. “It’s an important phase in the life of a woman, and we want to be there for her.”

Walk into a GNC today and you’ll see, front and center, four major sections of Women’s Health and Beauty products to help support your nutrition and health goals during perimenopause and menopause. You’ll find supplements for heart health to hormone balance; for bone health to digestion support; for eye health to urinary tract health. GNC also offers us an impressive selection of products for our skin, hair, and nails!

>>Wake up to the new GNC and claim your valuable gift of health

No doubt, it’s a big challenge to win over smart and demanding women, but 82-year-old GNC is putting its money where its mouth is! Besides greatly expanding its selection of nutritional supplements and other merchandise women need, it’s committing major resources for research and development to create top-quality products for us. It’s also vigorously training employees, and offering exclusive online tools so we have the essential knowledge to buy the most effective products for each of our unique needs! GNC knows that knowledge is powerful to women.

Guru and his teams of scientists and product innovators constantly stay on top of developments in healthy aging, travel the world to find unparalleled raw materials, work tirelessly to develop the very best dietary supplements, and put many of them through clinical studies with real women to make certain they meet GNC’s stringent performance standards. “A lot of people shop only for price and don’t really understand there’s a definite difference in product quality between a big bottle of fish oil supplements for $5, and GNC fish oil, which properly supports healthy cholesterol levels, as well as joint, skin and brain health,” Guru explains.

“You should have the best, which is what we’re selling. After all, you’re ingesting these products,” said Ken Martindale, who joined GNC as chief executive officer after running Rite Aid for four years. “I decided to make the move because I was fascinated by the scope and quality of GNC’s products and the science and innovation behind them. We’re selling products that matter in people’s lives, and we’re focused on customers who want to put the highest-quality products into their bodies,” Ken emphasized. 

>>Wake up to the new GNC and claim your valuable gift of health

And, you won’t have to fend for yourself. Ask someone on the floor of a GNC store to explain what’s the big deal about probiotics, and they’ll give you the correct answer right off the bat (probiotics provide digestive and immune support), and help you pick out the most suitable probiotic for your lifestyle goals. Want to know which multivitamin will best support your bone health? Yep, they’ll know that too. GNC employees are educated about different topics each week on their own tablets, and they even get quizzes to test their knowledge. Whether you visit a GNC in New York or one in New Mexico, you’ll be sure to get consistent information.

Just as GNC helps us deal with our health concerns and objectives when we walk into its stores, it wants to do the same in the digital space. An ingenious tool recently launched on its website lets us enter our goals and learn which probiotics, proteins, and minerals are recommended.  “We must be far more than just an ecommerce site, and intend to position ourselves as an expert in the supplement category online,” Ken stressed.

GNC recently launched an Auto Deliver & Save Program, ensuring that your favorite products are automatically shipped for free right to your door, whenever you want. You’ll also get 10% off every order once you sign up for the convenient service.

A Gift Of Health

GNC is so excited to show us how much it cares about our health and wellbeing, it wants us to have one of its best-in-class supplements—valued up to $60—as a gift with any $40 purchase online or in store. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be on your way to a HEALTHIER YOU!

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