What’s Your Sleep Number?

The kids, at last, are adults! You’re no longer working from dawn till dusk. You finally have time to rest…yeah right! Insomnia is driving you crazy. Maybe it’s menopause, your husband’s snoring, a pee call, or worrying about your daughter’s new boyfriend with the nose piercing.

We asked how many hours of sleep you get, and these are some of your best answers.

“Most nights, I will doze for maybe 30 minutes to an hour. After five to ten days of this, I may fall asleep in the daytime for 2 to 3 hours. Then back to none. Insomnia bites the big one.”   
Sue Shackles


“3 most nights and I lay awake for the rest of the night thinking and worrying.”
Stephen E Sims

“4 if I’m lucky! I’m raising grandchildren ages 15,12,9,4…the 4-year-old gives me a run for my money at night!”
Darlene Chavez Gonzalez


“Never more than 6! l wake-up for the loo and there is no way I’m getting back to sleep.”
Janette Robson

“Usually about 3. I can’t stay in bed so that’s when I try to get work done.”
Verna DalDegan-Czajkoski


“6 if I am lucky, but on the rare occasion, I get 8 or 9-then life is so good.”  
Shelley White Picott

“3 or 4 some nights-none even!  3 to 4 is interrupted sleep. I think 2 hours max, soooooooo tired and fatigued.”
Roberta Smith


“My sleeping pattern is crazy! Can’t sleep normal hours since last year.”
Luz Omayra Reyes

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