How Zeaxanthin Protects And Improves Your Eye Health

If you’ve noticed changes in your eyesight during the last few years, you’re certainly not alone.

The normal aging process, plus hormonal fluctuations such as loss of estrogen, can result in conditions from occasional dry eye to worsening vision. But, only 38 percent of women in a FabOverFifty poll said they’re paying enough attention to their eye health. That makes it clear that we all need to know about nutrients called zeaxanthin and lutein that can help protect and improve the condition of our eyes.

Located in the macula of the eye (the small area at the center of the retina that’s responsible for what we see straight in front of us, at the center of our field of vision), zeaxanthin and lutein are antioxidants that filter harmful high-energy blue wavelengths of light, and can help reduce the risk of chronic eye diseases, including age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. These conditions affect millions of aging Americans, reports the website of the American Optometric Association. The amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin are measured as macular pigment optical density (MPOD), which has become a useful biomarker for predicting disease and visual function.

“It’s critical to maintain the quality and health of this area of retinal tissue in a modern society that depends upon using computer screens and driving automobiles, safely,” says Dr. Stuart Richer, Chicago optometrist.

Since the human body does not naturally make all the lutein and zeaxanthin it needs, it’s important to consume foods such as spinach, corn, broccoli and eggs.  Diet isn’t enough, however, so eye doctors recommend zeaxanthin supplementation through natural products, such as EyePromise, a brand supported by over 20 years of research. The manufacturer’s science-based product line is offered in a variety of formulas, allowing you to choose one that’s best for your needs.

EyePromise Vizual Edge softgels are packed with zeaxanthin, lutein, vitamins and fish oil to keep your eyes in tip-top shape! It’s also crucial to visit your ophthalmologist every year to check your eyes for changes in vision and signs of any eye diseases.

Make an investment in your long-term eye health with zeaxanthin and learn more about EyePromise today.

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