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I've been the chairperson for all 7 of our high school reunions, beginning with the 10th and then every 5 years–we just celebrated our 40-year. Also, after coloring my hair for more than 20 years (on a dare!), I thought that "letting my freak flag fly" would make me feel old. On the contrary: it's liberating and to be honest, I've never had so many compliments on my hair since going gray. I no longer need to look like I'm in my 30s or 40s–I'm gloriously happy where I am but it doesn't mean I gave up trying to look my best for THIS age.

Favorite Shop

TJ Maxx, Sephora, Trader Joe's

What Every FoF Should Know

Listen to your heart…nurture what makes you happy…now more than ever, be yourself.


My husband, children, grandchildren, friends, doggies, and home. Boring? I think not.

I'm an Expert On

vintage rhinestone jewelry. Okay, so I may not be an expert but I do have quite a collection (started about 40+ years ago!) and am familiar with many of the big names and styles of the glamourous ’40s and ’50s.


To live a long and healthy life full of love–it all goes hand-in-hand. I embrace our family motto: “There’s so much more fun to be had!”

What I'm Working On

Thinking about reinventing myself now that I’m retired…but only slightly.


Retired 6/30/2010–former Assistant to the Vice President for Research, The University of Akron

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