In Sickness & In Health: Your Vows in Action

When you marry, you promise to love your partner, unconditionally, through sickness and in health. Given life’s unpredictability, some marriages end, amicably, during hard times; others, not so much. Couples also may choose to endure their hardships together, and may come out stronger.

When a partner takes ill, it can be mentally and physically draining, even downright scary. There’s something noble, however, about being able to unconditionally love someone, especially through the worst of times.

Today, we are pleased to share some comments from our FOFriends who are caring for their sick husbands, as well as from those whose husbands have died.

“We’re taking care of one another. One week, he might need a few days of care and, the next, it might be me. I feel we both exhaust one another, but we said in sickness and in health and we handle it, for over eight years now!”
Susan Stompf


“Yes I am. But it’s fine. I honor my vows completely. Amen.”
Theresa Eduarte Perreira

“I have always known there is a possibility that my husband could end up being severely paralysed. I accepted responsibility for that 31 years ago and I’m still willing to look after him if it happens. He’s in a lot of pain daily but he doesn’t let it stop him working and providing for his family.  In fact, I think it is that determination to be a good provider that keeps him going.”
Sharon Weeder-Smytheman


“My husband has been a diabetic since he was five years old, so I married him with the condition..married 32 years..I saved his life (times) too numerous to count.”
Carine Munro

“It is a blessing and an honor.”
Carolyn Walters Hawkins  

“Yep. Disabled vet from too many brain surgeries. Stressful a lot but God is by my side.”
Christine Woodward Hysell


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