9 Powerful Divorce Stories

“My marriage ended in 2008 and I consider myself a nice-looking lady at my current age of 58.

My husband decided he wanted his boss (woman) because she has money, even though she is 300 pounds plus (I am a mere 135 at 5’5″). He had an affair for 11 years of our 21-year marriage. I found them out through a detective site online where they pinged his phone and found the address his phone was at while he claimed he was in Kentucky at the Derby. CAUGHT RED HANDED, and when he got home I asked him whose address is at so-and- so (I already knew who lived there). He stood up and walked out and never looked back.

After a year-long divorce, I get alimony and his pension for life (alimony stops when I get his pension at 62). What is happening now is pretty much nothing. I have dated a few people my age and all they want is sex, PERIOD, then dump me because I’m an avid believer in my God. I will not submit to sex only, without a commitment of some sort. So I am still single and alone. I realize that men my age have to have younger women with perfect bodies and no wrinkles on their faces or body. I am comfortable in my own skin and really could care less if men think otherwise. So what is a good-looking, 135-pound woman to do? Will I die alone? I’m sure I will unless men my age stop looking for Barbie!!”

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2 Responses to “9 Powerful Divorce Stories”

  1. Godsdancer523 says:

    I have been divorced for over 37 years and never ever married again. Have been engaged twice since then, but knew that marriage is not for me. I enjoy me and my kids and grandbaby. I go on dates but I don’t date. Life is good….

    • alexfof says:

      You’ve got it figured out! 🙂


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