9 Powerful Divorce Stories

“I thought I’d stay married to Jim forever.

I met him in 1974 AND married in 1976. We have two daughters in their 30’s and a beautiful granddaughter. We are all successful, great careers, home completely paid for. My husband has always been focused on sex and I’ve never felt he was my friend. Little did I know that he has never been faithful to me. He confessed to over 30 encounters since we met and married, with people I know, in my home, in my bed and in my sheets. I divorced him in June 2016. He walked away from it all, took some cash, and left me the the rest. I never saw it coming, never saw that the deer hunting trips were very eventful. And even now, he’s dating one of my “friends”.

I thought there must be a “girl code” of not dating your friend’s ex-husband, but I think I overvalued her friendship, too. So much betrayal.

How am I doing now? Taking it day by day. I made a New Year’s resolution to not look back to 2016 and to Trust Jesus. My faith is strong. I am worthy and I have the beginning of a relationship with a man I’ve known as a friend for 37 years. He has my back and is a true friend. My frame of reference was so skewed with my husband, but I can now see, it was his narcissism that was the problem. He never really loved me.

I am 63 and I am desirable. I enjoy my physical relationship much more than I thought and LOL decided my ex husband is really an Amateur in the bedroom. That makes me smile and I’ve never told anyone this.”

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2 Responses to “9 Powerful Divorce Stories”

  1. Godsdancer523 says:

    I have been divorced for over 37 years and never ever married again. Have been engaged twice since then, but knew that marriage is not for me. I enjoy me and my kids and grandbaby. I go on dates but I don’t date. Life is good….

    • alexfof says:

      You’ve got it figured out! 🙂


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