9 Powerful Divorce Stories

“My spouse cheated after he ran into his old 9th grade HS girlfriend at a 40th reunion, I thought she was a friend.

They tried to hide it by stating they were just old friends and meeting occasionally. BS. I found their emails and texts showing they were more than friends. And my friends saw them out publicly.

Ladies, if your hubby or significant other keeps changing his password on his phone or email, it’s a sign!!! They had no shame or remorse :(”

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2 Responses to “9 Powerful Divorce Stories”

  1. Godsdancer523 says:

    I have been divorced for over 37 years and never ever married again. Have been engaged twice since then, but knew that marriage is not for me. I enjoy me and my kids and grandbaby. I go on dates but I don’t date. Life is good….

    • alexfof says:

      You’ve got it figured out! 🙂


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