12 Heart-Breaking Breakups

“Everyone wants to talk about terrible breakups. Breakups are horrible, they’re relatable, and people do them badly. Everyone has a story of a terrible breakup,” said Liz Tuccillo, writer and producer of Sex And The City.

When we asked you to tell us about YOUR worst breakup, your distressing tales certainly backed up Liz’s wise words.

Oh Lord, do not even get me started!”
Nancy Tremblay

When my husband of five years emptied our bank account, and left me with two babies, no food and no money, at Christmas 1980. My landlord let me stay until Feb 1st rent free. I moved close to family, got a job, and survived. Both girls are college grads and strong women.”
GiGi Hall Rivera

When my husband of 10 years asked me for a divorce and said he never loved me and never had. That was 25 years ago. Never remarried, never had another relationship, have never known romantic love. But life goes on. Llfe is not built on romance!”
Linda Ferns

I think for me it was my first real boyfriend in high school. I was devastated, and I thought my heart would never recover. I was a miserable mess. I never thought I’d stop crying. But, as I matured, I learned to endure.  

I know now that it was a lesson of great importance.”
Laura Woodley Lysiak

When my husband of 22 years left me for a girl who was 20 years younger. He was 45 and said he was tired of being a husband and father.  That was 19 years ago and he still has no one and tells me he made a big mistake.  You can’t go back. I will never trust him again. I raised two great boys without him, but I have never found anyone because I have a problem with trusting men. Still love him.”
Sherrie Francey

After my first husband and I divorced over his physical and financial infidelity, I was in a committed relationship with a man who I knew well as a good friend. After three years and discussing marriage, one day he dropped out of my life and I received a letter breaking up with me. No reason, just didn’t want to be with me anymore. Devastated. Worse than the divorce from my husband.”
Megan Marrone

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