When A Man Loves A Woman…For 41 Years

What attracts you to your wife now?

“We are first and foremost the best of friends. She remains the smartest, most energetic and focused person I know.  Period. The fact that’s she’s also beautiful and successful is only icing on the cake. I would rather be with her, even doing nothing, than anything else I can imagine.”


What are your three best qualities?

“I am a polymath, interested and reasonably well read about almost everything.  I get a lot of positive feedback from Catherine about this. She loves having her personal search engine. I am not afraid or embarrassed about asking for directions (which makes her crazy) or apologizing for not doing something perfectly (which she likes a lot). I don’t hold a grudge for more than about five minutes. And I am generally kind with an initial positive reaction to everyone I meet.”

What are your three worst qualities?

“Generally, one’s worst characteristics are merely one’s best carried too far. I talk way too much, especially about everything I supposedly know and understand. I fall back on asking for directions and instructions when making a decision would be preferable. And I apologize far too often, but appropriately. My kindness makes it hard for me to say no.”

What are Catherine’s three best qualities?

“My wife is incredibly self-assured. I, who lack that, am reassured by it and comforted knowing that someone knows the right thing to do.Connected to self assuredness is a strong urgency for action. Also incredibly attractive. And she is amazingly competent in everything she does. She’s a great cook, entertainer, business and personal analyst. She has a great sense of taste and style and is the heroine of all our friends. I love that.”


What are Catherine’s three worst qualities?

“Again, ‘worst’ qualities are often the best carried too far. Her self-assurance sometimes comes off as lack of patience or confidence with or in others. The strong urge to act sometimes can be precipitous and her great style and competency leads to occasional lack of patience or understanding with and for others.”

To what do you attribute the success of your marriage?

“We have learned to listen closer (closely) to each other and at least try to understand both the strong and unstrong aspects of what the other is thinking, saying, doing. This incredible respect is clear to everyone, including each other.  It comes from being really best friends.”

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  1. marge201 says:

    That was a great read, both of them. Their each other’s mutual admiration society and HOW GREAT IS THAT!!


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