What He Wants To Change About Her After 46 Years Of Marriage

6. What attracts you to your wife/husband now?

R: Same as answer #5

S: His intelligence, and his generosity to me and our children. He is generous with his time and money. He is ALWAYS there for us when we need him. He can always be counted on to help us through with our problems by guiding us with his knowledge and wisdom.

7. What are your three best qualities?

R: Generosity, fierce protection of family, humor. I am generous with my time and money to my family. I try to always be there for them when they are having problems in helping them to resolve their issues. I have a dry sense of humor which my sons have learned to appreciate

S: Patience, a deep love of family, organized

8. What are your three worst qualities?

R: Procrastinator, sarcastic, quick to criticize

S: Sometimes “too” organized, rationalize too much, neatness

9. What are your husband’s/wife’s three best qualities?

R: Loving, mediator, organized

S: Affectionate, caring, generous

10. What are your husband’s/wife’s three worst qualities?

R: Shopaholic, returnaholic, too many routines

S: Procrastinator, judgemental, too sarcastic at times

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