How Did Your Husband Propose?

“(He proposed) at 33,000 feet up on a British Airways jumbo on our way to the Seychelles. The captain came on and asked me for him.Then, he got down on one knee in the aisle, with the ring. Everyone on the flight was cheering. I was so embarrassed but said ‘yes.’ We left that flight with three bottles of champagne from other passengers. The crew rang the hotel, and when we got there we were totally spoiled”

Kathleen Pietrzak


At Denny’s at 2 a.m. We both worked the evening shift. He got down on one knee…the waitresses on duty got to witness. Truly romantic.”

June Hunt

“He didn’t. One month into the relationship–thinking HE WAS the ONE–we were dancing and I casually said, ‘I think it’s about time we thought about getting married.’ I gave him a week to think it over..he agreed…six months later on my 25th birthday we got engaged…we bought an apartment together for after we got married…nine months later we got married…that was 32 years ago.”

Carine Munro


Joe proposed on my graduation night before I graduated in 1973”

Elaine McGraw

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