7 Reasons We’ve Considered Plastic Surgery

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  1. Roger Marple says:

    Well if sagging breasts, torn earlobes and non-fitting spanx are all I have to worry about in old age then i”m ready!

  2. Mary Lou says:

    None of those thing bother me enough to get surgery for it. I yam what I yam. I exercise and stay fit, that’s enough for me.

  3. Elizabeth Blatt says:

    It is wonderful if you can afford plastic surgery. Is it necessary to have surgery to feel good about yourself? No. Focusing on how you look is all vanity. We need to learn to age gracefully; we are not designed to live forever. Do the best with what you have been given. Living life doing good is just as rewarding as being physically beautiful, in my opinion.

  4. NoreenB says:

    Exactly what would be the cost of all this surgery? What is the message being sent to those of us who can’t afford this kind of expenditure? I am getting a little disturbed by the focus on cosmetic surgery that seems to be present in all your emails lately.

    • mxkh says:

      Yes, I agree!

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Maureen,

      Every procedure is priced differently, according to its complexity. There are also financing options that many doctors offer if someone desires an expensive procedure that he or she can’t afford to pay all at once.

      We’re not trying to send any message except that these are procedures many women consider having, and do have, if they wish to change their aging bodies. I interviewed two women last week (one in her 50s and one in her late 60s who had tummy tucks and are ecstatic.) Many others think plastic surgery is a dreadful thing to do and wouldn’t change a thing. What I don’t understand is why the some in the anti-plastic surgery contingent are so antagonistic towards women who are pro plastic surgery. We all think about ourselves differently.

      There also are many non-invasive procedures available today that refresh and rejuvenate.

      We see articles and ads all the time about things we can’t afford. I was just reading an issue of Architectural Digest–while I was having a manicure–and was gaga over a triplex, 8,500-square foot apartment in Manhattan. I can’t afford many of the things I read about in magazines, but I find it fun to see what’s happening in the world and what others are doing.

      Many FOFs send us plastic surgery questions every day, about all kinds of procedures. We don’t want to offend you by covering the subject, but lots of women are interested in it, so we include it in our newsletters. We hope there are enough other interesting, informative and fun things on the site to keep you with us.

      Geri Brin


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