Dr. Robert Wilcox


Dr. Robert Wilcox

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas
5316 West Plano Parkway
Plano, TX 75093

Tel: 972.620.1700


Statement on his practice:

Our 11,000-square-foot, state-licensed surgery center, clinic and skin care center has been a world-class facility since we opened it almost 14 years ago. Here, I specialize in all aspects of plastic and cosmetic surgeries for men and women, and especially enjoy facial rejuvenation and breast surgery.  I’m proud to have developed a technique to treat male breast reduction, which involves no incisions or use of drainage tubes. We have the means to always offer the best treatment for our patients, operative or not.

Allergan has awarded our practice its highest recognition for expertise using Botox and fillers.

I have dual board certification in plastic surgery and hand/microsurgery, over 23 years of plastic and cosmetic surgery experience and have operated on over 20,000 patients around the world.

Procedures:  All aspects of cosmetic and plastic surgeries, including Mommy Makeovers (tummy tucks with breast enhancement of all types, combined with body contouring and liposuction); facial rejuvenation and breast surgery; breast reduction for men, and all aspects of hand surgery.

Patient Praise:

“Dr. Wilcox put me at ease and explained everything that would be done and what to expect from my mommy makeover. I’m very pleased with the outcome and service I received. It’s the best outcome I ever could have gotten.”  –Cheryl

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  1. Jasmine says:

    Thanks Dr. Wilcox for responding to my question on the tummy tuck. I was getting really disappointed and thinking my surgeon performed a “botched” surgery ( tummy tuck) that’s why I’m not seeing any result. I had my surgery July 24, 2014. I still couldn’t feel my mid abdomen, whereas I can feel both sides of my tummy. Could this be due to edema? My surgeon told me she also did some liposuction when they did the full TT. I wish I could see the result faster than the 6 mos but in a way, I’m relieved that the final result of my surgery is yet to come. Does compression garment work to speed things up? Or will it help reduce edema? Thanks !


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