Dr. Rondi Walker


Dr. Rondi K. Walker

Walker Plastic Surgery
Foxhall Square, Suite 252
3301 New Mexico Ave, Washington D.C. 20016

Tel:  (202) 364-6673
Fax: (202) 686-0257

Before & After  and  Patient Praise:

“I had Ultherapy several months ago with Dr. Walker and am most pleased with the results. Dr. Walker thoroughly prepped me in advance of the procedure as well as walking me through each step during the procedure itself. She was very conscious of pain management having experienced the technique herself. She was very attentive to my comfort with the pace of the procedure. Dr. Walker and her staff were extremely professional, kind and supportive. I would consider additional Ultherapy to address other concerns.”


“I was very pleased with Dr. Walker’s knowledge and training of the relatively new procedure, Ultherapy. She was prepared and focused every step of the way and knows what she’s doing. I would recommend her!”

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