Dr. Shim Ching

Shim Ching, M.D.

Asia Pacific Plastic Surgery
1401 S Beretania St #888
Honolulu, HI 96814

Tel: (808) 585-8855

What You Should Know:

Dr. Shim Ching is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the residents of Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii from his private practice in Honolulu.

Dr. Ching began his medical career while living in Montreal, where he attended the prestigious McGill University. After graduating, Dr. Ching moved across Canada to attend the University of British Columbia in Vancouver for his medical degree. Upon graduation, Dr. Ching completed his plastic surgery residency at McMaster University, which is a Canadian institution known for innovation and excellence in medicine.

Since leaving Canada, Dr. Ching has gone on to pursue additional training in other worldly locations like Geneva, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, and Toronto. He offers a full-menu of plastic surgery options for the face, body, and breasts. If you would like to see more from Dr. Ching, please visit his before & after photo gallery today!

Patient Praise:

“My wife was a patient at APPS. Her experience was incredible. The staff was courteous, caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Shim Ching provided exceptional care and service. I am usually an anxious person, but his staff was very comforting and reassuring for me and my wife. 5/5 stars – we highly recommend APPS to family and friends. Thanks again, APPS!” —Aleck Soon

“Great personality and incredible skills. Dr. Ching continues to impress me. His staff are highly talented and know how to make you comfortable. Shim Ching’s credentials and before and after gallery are a testament to his ability. I highly recommend working with Dr. Ching!” —Google User

“Dr. Ching is the finest cosmetic surgeon in Hawaii! A couple years ago, my 2 year old sister fell and had a major gash on her head. To avoid scars, Dr. Ching came to the emergency room at Queens Medical Center, where he stitched her to perfection. About 5 years later, her scar is no longer visible due to his impeccable work. If you want to be in the best hands, I highly recommend Dr. Ching.” —Ari K.

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    my sister just had her Honolulu breast augmentation just before her wedding and she is much satisfied with the surgery


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