Dr. Steven Vath


Dr. Steven Vath

The Center for Cosmetic Surgery
725 Heritage Rd #100
Golden, CO 80401

Tel: (303) 278-2600
www.thecenterforcosmeticsurgery.net and www.thecenterforskincare.net

What You Should Know:

Dr. Steven Vath is known nationally for his dedication to cosmetic plastic surgery. His philosophy is that of thorough care and superior, natural results. He states, “Of course, when talking about surgery, technical skills are critically important. But when talking about cosmetic surgery, a keen aesthetic eye is just as valuable. Not even a slightly unnatural or bizarre appearance is acceptable after plastic surgery, so I prioritize achieving not only the most attractive results, but also the most natural looking.”

After he received specialized training in cosmetic plastic surgery in Los Angeles at one of only a dozen fellowships in the country accredited by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, he and his wife moved to Denver, Colorado for the down-to-earth people, gorgeous mountains, and outdoorsy lifestyle.

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Patient Praise:

“This surgery has made me feel wonderful about my body and myself. I can now go to the gym, swim, and hike without any discomfort. Most importantly, I feel like my body is the correct proportion; I feel and look like myself again. Thank you to Dr. Vath and his team. They were wonderful throughout my entire surgery and recuperation.” —L.S.

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