Do You Like Mary Matalin’s Facelift?

Renowned political consultant, Mary Matalin, is 62.  Here, we show her pre-and-post facelift. Tell us whether you think Mary is a good or bad poster girl for facelifts.


Is she a good or bad poster girl for facelifts?

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0 Responses to “Do You Like Mary Matalin’s Facelift?”

  1. John Caldwell says:

    The woman looks like a horror show. She so ugly she’s scary,that face is frozen! Can she even blink her eyes without doing a flip? I’m not being facetious if they ever need a face statue Mary’s got the job! Does she sleep with her eyes open? Itag hard to listen to her talk with the alien face staring into space. Word cannot describe how hideous the so-called face is. Karma has come around and bit her face off for be a evil pundit. How on earth is she going to fit in the alt Trump world?

  2. Courretort says:

    the lower face is fine…Her eyes look strained upward.
    Her earlier picture is softer.

  3. cecile anderson says:

    Looks like two different people. I can’t tell what she wanted to correct or improve. Her hairdo in both images appear to need more attention than her face.

  4. Jeanne Traxler says:

    Would like to see just the face, not the hair…

  5. Lorie Bratten Corron says:

    She may only have a bad haircut and a poor choice in clothing for this picture.

  6. Corinne Garrett says:

    She doesn’t look like the same person. It has entirely altered her appearance and the shorter haircut does nothing to soften her square jaw. It’s not bad surgery: it is simply obvious surgery with an unflattering haircut.

  7. Marie Doyle says:

    She should not have interfered with mother nature…..

  8. Barbara Orant says:

    The eye makeup in the “after” picture is a little too dark. The “before” picture looks younger.

  9. Bagbabe53 says:

    Not a great photo of Mary. I spoke with her at a book talk at the Louisiana Book Festival about 18 months ago and wondered if she had had work done, but she looked much prettier in person than in the photo you show here. Mary also was casually but chicly dressed, and was in good shape, although not bone thin. Her hubby? Old jeans, a mardi gras rugby shirt, and a baseball cap!

  10. Marilyn Montague says:

    She looked much younger and better in the before. She should ask for a refund.

  11. Zippy Sandler says:

    The facelift gave her a harder look.

  12. B. Lerner says:

    My question, however, is when each picture was taken. If the Before is also 10 years before, then it’s not a proper comparison.


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