Rejuvenate On Your Own Terms

Walk into any ‘ole spa—even in the biggest cities—and chances are you’ll be presented with a menu of options, including multiple types of facials, peels, laser treatments and things called skin resurfacing and microdermabrasion. All the descriptions may confuse you more, so you start asking questions of the people behind the counter. Unfortunately, they seem to know less than you.

Not so at the Classique Medical Spa, in Northborough, Massachusetts, which is owned by Dr. Cynthia Poulos, a board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience. Dr. Poulos opened her spa in 2000 to offer non-invasive treatments because she wanted to help patients keep their skin beautiful over time, instead of simply operating and sending them on their merry ways.

Since then, more and more of these treatments have been introduced and are being offered by board certified plastic surgeons across the country. Performing them in a soothing and beautiful spa environment adds to their appeal and popularity.

“I love to operate,” Dr. Poulos says, “but I like to explore alternate ways to deal with issues.” The doctor meets with each patient to discuss his/her skin care goals and what are the expectations from each treatment option, or group of treatment options. “We’ll decide the best course depending on whether someone wants to correct, rejuvenate or enhance their appearance,” Dr. Poulos explains. “My medical background gives me the ability to thoroughly evaluate the safety and effectiveness of available treatments. I will only offer them in the spa when I am convinced they have value.”

The doctor’s spa staff includes licensed aestheticians and nurses. Located less than an hour’s drive from Boston, Classique Medical Spa is a great stop for a rejuvenating treatment in the area. Dr.Poulos’ practice and spa are located at 17 South Street in Northborough.

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