How much can you take off in a breast reduction? Currently a D cup and want to be a B just to heavy . I’m only 5 foot tall

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  1. Dr. James Wethe wrote on :

    How much tissue can be removed depends on many factors. Your height and weight all go into that equation as does your current breast size. Another major factor is what size you would like to be post reduction. A consultation is the best way to get a real idea of what can be done but in general about a pound of tissue per side is removed. That estimate is a “big” generalization… many times a surgeon might take a bit less and in other cases significantly more tissue may be removed. Again, the best way to get a good feel for what is possible is to visit a plastic surgeon and get their opinion. Hope this helps
    J. Wethe, M.D.

  2. Dr. Curtis Wong wrote on :

    Breast reduction can remove considerable amounts, all depending on how much smaller you want to be. I don’t know of any doctor that would guarantee a cup size but realize you can always ‘whittle’ away more if your initial results do not match up to what you wanted. You will be smaller after a reduction procedure. Best to find a local plastic surgeon who can evaluate you and let you know what to expect.

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