I have barely a B-cup after breast feeding two kids. I’m dying to get implants but I’m terrified. Do people really have problems during this type of procedure? I’m 26. 5’6 and 118 pounds want a full C, basically a D. Any advice?

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  1. Dr. Susan Kolb wrote on :

    In my experience with over 2000 explantations on patients with problems with breast implants, the following should be considered. If you have an HLA-B27 or HLA DR53 or 54 gene, you should avoid all silicone and saline breast implants as you probably will get ill with autoimmune disease shortly after implants go in. If you have an MTHFR defect (involving defects in methylation), you should avoid silicone gel or textured implants as you will not be able to detox the chemicals and silicone that come through or off the shell. These patients usually become ill either within a few years of implantation, or after the shell undergoes a lipolysis reaction in the body at about eight to ten years and the silicone starts to leak out. If you have problems with biotoxin detox with mold exposure (ie. sick building syndrome which is the same as fibromyalgia), you should avoid saline implants (especially one brand that seems to have most of the valve defects), as mold in or around this implant is very common, especially with any chest wall trauma. If you have a history of fibromyalgia, intracellular infections such as mycoplasma or Lyme’s disease, or a history or a family history of autoimmune disease, you should consider fat grafting rather than implants in my opinion.

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