I am 19 years old and I feel that my breast are very far apart and saggy. I wish to have a breast lift but I feel that my body can grow a little bit more…I don’t know– what do you think?

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  1. Dr. Sam Sukkar wrote on :

    With your breast being further apart than desired could be an issue with your boney structure.
    You could potentially be a candidate for Breast Lift with Augmentation of an implant in order to give you the best aesthetic result. This will ensure placement of your breast is in a more youthful place on your chest and also to add volume in a conservative manner to create a beautifully shaped breast.
    Usually at this point you may not see any changes with your breast as long as your weight is stable. However, during and after pregnancy you may see some mild to significant changes in your breast.
    I have listed a few links below from my website that may help to understand why certain breast procedures are indicated for each’s patients needs.

    All the best!
    Sam M. Sukkar, MD, FACS

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