I have acne in the neck area which leaves ugly pimple spots with acne. What can I do with out the area over drying …but making them disappear?

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  1. DrKevinTehrani wrote on :

    There are many things can cause acne breakout on the neck some examples are; hormones, allergies just to name a few, through a comprehensive consultation in our office we could determine some of the factors.
    One of the things we would try and rule out is ingrown hairs on the area of concern. When thick hairs curl under the skin and cant find its way out through the hair shaft, it forms a clogged pore which sometimes causes inflammation and breakout, if that is the case then laser hair removal and a topical salicylic lotion will dramatically improve the acne in that area.

  2. DrWilliamRosenblatt wrote on :

    Best bet would be to go see a dermatologist — they have all sorts of magic medications that can help with your acne.

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