I am 43 YO. I am a 32 F. I am having a hard time having clothes fit, I am really active nd seeking a reduction/lift with an excellent result. I am getting confused by what two surgeon consults have been so far. On said Reduction/lift and the other said reduction with augmentation small implant. I am having a hard time choosing a surgeon based on this …What do u suggest I need?

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  1. Dr. Kenrick Spence wrote on :

    No surgery is without risk so it is great to see that you are gathering facts and suggestions before you jump in to anything. There truly is no ‘best answer’ as to what you should do without examining you because plastic surgery is never a ‘one size fits all’ thing. I take my time and develop the ‘right plan’ for the ‘right person’ for each case as every person I see is unique with different aesthetic goals. Therefore, I would recommend choosing a reputable, board certified, Plastic Surgeon with a history of positive results and go from there. I would be happy to help in any way I can. Thank you for the question.

  2. Dr. James Wethe wrote on :

    Hmmm… interesting issue. Technically, both surgeons are after the same type of result but going at it in slightly different ways. Both I suspect want to reduce your current breast size significantly. Surgeon #1 will reduce the size and then do a lift to tighten the skin to the new breast size. Surgeon #2 will do the reduction of your own breast tissue and then, from what you have stated, place a small breast implant behind the breast tissue to fill in the upper portion of the breast and then do a lift. Both techniques have the pros and cons. I tend to do a reduction and lift and leave out an implant on my breast reduction patients. Those surgeons who choose to place an implant do so to fill up what we call the “upper pole” of the breast as that is the area where the breast tissue becomes most deficient as opposed to the “lower pole” where the breast tissue sags the most. Either can work but many patients don’t want all the issues and concerns about a breast implant. It may be best to go back for a secondary consult with each surgeon and ask them to explain “why” they picked the method they did and ask why the did not pick the other alternative. That will hopefully make your choice of surgeon and decision of what to do a bit easier. Hope this helps
    J. Wethe, M.D.

  3. CurtisWongMD wrote on :

    You need to really figure out what you want for yourself and what risks you are willing to accept. Implants add volume and upper pole fullness so if thats your goal, the reduction with implant would be the logical choice but you’re now accepting the risks and costs of implants to have this in addition to a smaller amount of native breast tissue. If you would be happy with just perkier (without the upper pole bulge), a reduction alone (include repositioning your nipples higher) should be adequate. So it comes back to you… what do you want?

  4. DrJulioGarcia wrote on :

    If you are that large I see no reason to place an implant as that will keep the size large. I think a straight breast reduction, an operation that always includes a lift of the remaining tissue is your best choice.

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