I am 65 years old and do yoga, ab exercises butt lift exercises. I have had liposuction three times. Once when I was 42, which I was pleased with. The second one was 7 years ago, an Aqualipo procedure left me extremely unhappy with and has left me with a roll above my belly button. The third one was very minor, gave me a little more shape on my sides but no help with the roll left from Aqualipo. I have consulted several Drs regarding a tummy tuck. My question to you is if I have a tummy tuck, can the damage that was done by Aqualipo be corrected? If so, will my abdomen be fairly tight so the roll is not there and I can wear jeans without the roll showing as it does now? Thank you!

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  1. Dr. Kenrick Spence wrote on :

    After reading your question as well as the history regarding your past procedures I will tell you what I tell everyone considering cosmetic surgery. It is always best to have a consultation with a reputable, board certified, Plastic Surgeon and have him or her examine you before any ‘advice’ is given. The reason I emphasize this is because plastic surgery is never ‘one size fits all’ and it is crucial that you have a consultation and develop a treatment plan that is right for YOU! Doing surgery to revise a previous problem can be risky, especially in the wrong hand.
    It would be my privilege to meet you and discuss options suitable to your unique case.

  2. Dr. Kent V. Hasan wrote on :

    Thank you for your question. A tummy tuck will remove excess skin of the tummy and will most likely fix the contour irregularities from the prior liposuction procedures. We use a no drain, progressive tension suture abdominoplasty with a long acting local anesthetic to make the tummy tuck as pain free as possible.

    Kent V. Hasen, MD
    Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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