How old do you have to be to get breast surgery done?

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  1. DrDaxGuenther wrote on :

    Under 18 requires parental consent, and use of silicone implants under 22 is an off-label use. More important that these limits, however, is whether it’s appropriate and whether it can predictably be done in a safe manner. Please see a BCPS.

  2. DrLyleBack wrote on :

    Thank you for your inquiry! Without assuming what sort of “breast surgery” you are considering, plastic surgeons would generally look for someone to be age 18 or older for non-reconstructive, elective, cosmetic breast procedures. A younger age would not necessarily preclude someone for consideration for special situations that are more reconstructive in nature. Patients 60 years of age or older who are in good overall general health (and without any medical contraindications) should be good candidates for any type of breast surgery. Hope this helps!

  3. DrBrookeSeckel wrote on :

    Thank you for your question. I recommend waiting until you are 18 for elective cosmetic breast surgery. However if you are considering breast implants, at 18 you can only have saline breast implants. You must be 22 to have the new cohesive gel silicone implants.

  4. DrCynthiaPoulos wrote on :

    There is no absolute age at which one can undergo breast surgery. It would depend on the procedure being performed. In general, it is best to be done with development and to be stable in terms of breast size for a period of time. That being said, if your question is in regards to cosmetic breast augmentation, the minimum age is 18. The readiness for any breast surgery is very individual and should involve a detailed conversation with your surgeon.

  5. DrWilliamRosenblatt wrote on :

    Basically the age of consent in NY is 18. It depends on what you want, breast reduction — stable breast size for a couple of years — if young parental consent. Breast augmentation — any age — below 22 saline implants over 22 silicone. See and talk to a board certified plastic surgeon for more specific information

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