With a tummy tuck, can people with diabetes benefit from this surgery or do we need a doctor that specializes in this area?

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  1. Dr. Thomas Mustoe wrote on :

    An abdominoplasty will not improve diabetes, but can help jump start a patient in losing weight. Generally during abdominoplasty only a few pounds are excised or removed by liposuction, and this has not been demonstrated to improve blood sugar control, but substantial weight loss absolutely can. In a diabetic who does not have cardiac issues, the operation can be safely performed, usually as the first operation of the day to make insulin and blood sugar management easier.

  2. Dr. Peter Johnson wrote on :

    Individuals with diabetes can indeed benefit from tummy tuck, and some data suggests that with weight reduction and fat reduction through tummy tuck, diabetes can become easier to control. A safe tummy tuck will require coordination and medical clearance with your primary care physician and a board certified plastic surgeon.

  3. Dr. Gustavo Galante wrote on :

    Diabetes is not a contraindication for undergoing a tummy tuck as long as it is under good control. A board certified plastic surgeon would be the one to perform this procedure.

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