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I’ve lost a lot of weight, but want my tummy to be flat & I still have some stubborn belly fat. Are there ways besides liposuction to remove this permanently that do not require an incision?

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  1. Dr. E. Musarra wrote on :

    Michele, there is a device that can melt the fat with freezing. It is called Cool Sculpt. The device attaches to you belly skin with a freon-like fluid circulating through it. This lowers the temperature to free the fat without hurting your skin. Freezing the fat ruptures the fat cells releasing the fatty material into your tissues. This fatty material is the picked up by your lymphatic system and eliminated. The amazing thing is that there is no down time, no incision, no bruising and essentially no pain. You do have to stay attached to the device for one hour. You can then do anything you want immediately afterwards. The will reduce the thickness of the fat layer by 25%. The one drawback is that it takes about 2 months for all of this to take place. The changes might be subtle, but should show in your clothes. I have this device in my office.
    My technician will be glad to give you all the details. Call my office at
    770 421 1242, Ask for Marsha Fuller. She will answer any questions you might have. She will take before and after photos. She is completely honest as to whether you are a good candidate for this. We certainly don’t want to waste your money.
    Dr. Tony Musarra

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