beckybeer SAID:

I’ve had my silicone breast implants for 24 years now. When I go in for my yearly mammograms the techs always tell me that they can’t tell they are there until feeling for them. ( They are behind the breast bone.) Anyway my question is ,is 24 years too long ? Are they ok? All the breast pictures indicate they are still in tack. I went from a small “A” to a “B+” more or less,with age, weight and time they are now”C’s” Too long, or all is well? P.S. I’m in CA. So the state is obtuse.

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  1. Dr. Olivia Hutchinson wrote on :

    Dear Ms. Beer,
    Breast implants do not have an expiration date. If you’re concerned you should have an in person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, who may recommend imaging studies such as mammogram or MRI.

  2. Dr. Kevin Tehrani wrote on :

    Dear Becky,
    In you have had your implants for 24 years you likely have the first generation of silicone implants. Those implants have an unacceptably high rate of rupture. Mammograms unfortunately don’t detect leaks and you would need an MRI to evaluate the status of your implants. Please look for a board certified plastic surgeon in your area.

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