Mamavalveeta03 SAID:

I have very overhanging eyelids. I have always had that “type” of eye, but now that I’m 52, it’s much worse. Can you do an eyelift without doing a whole facelift? I don’t feel like I need the facelift. I have no wrinkles. Any suggestions? (and does insurance ever cover this type of procedure? I heard that they will if it affects your vision. I’m almost there!)

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  1. Dr. Elizabeth Morgan wrote on :

    Yes, your upper lids can have surgery without your having a face lift. Upper lid blepharoplasty is often done without a face lift. Recovery is usually easy with little or not pain. Your photos suggests that to a great extent the problem is excess upper lid fat as well as skin. An insurance company only pays for extreme changes – if the excess skin provably blocks peripheral vision as tested in a standardized visual field test. Your eyes look too good for insurance to pay.

  2. Dr. Olivia Hutchinson wrote on :

    Dear Ms. Hoffmann,
    An eyelid lift would address your concerns about your eyelids, and it may be performed without a facelift. It is a cosmetic procedure which is not covered by insurance. An ophthalmologic evaluation would determine if there is a functional component and if your vision is affected. In that case your insurance company may pay for a portion of the surgery, depending on your policy.
    Dr. Olivia Hutchinson

  3. Dr. William Rosenblatt wrote on :

    Most insurances will not cover this type of surgery. However, it is one of my most common procedures, it is done in my certified office operating room under mild sedation. There is no need to do a facelift at the same time. The way to get started is to set up a complimentary consultation and let me see what your issues are, then you will be an educated consumer. Recovery is rapid, and there is very little discomfort or down time.

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