nanawill929 SAID:

What about the new life style lifts. ‘ve heard that they aren’t worth the money. hat do you think?

On: December 27, 2012
To doctors from: GA

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  1. Dr. E. Musarra wrote on :

    Dear Denise,
    I am familiar with the program referred to as Life Time Lift. As I understand, this is a franchise business owned
    and run by a cosmetic surgeon. As I understand, The company sells a franchise, picks the location and hires
    someone to run the program at that location. This person gets a commission for the cases recruited.
    They hire surgeons who have some experience in facial cosmetic surgeon, typically not a board certified plastic surgeon.. I don’t know what experience these surgeons have. As I understand, this is done under
    local anesthetic only with no option for IV sedation or general anesthetic. As I understand it, there is not a
    nurse, but a surgical assistant to be the assistant. As I understand it, they have a large number of complications. I have seen there advertisements on tv. They show cases that appear to have a very
    nice result. I would recommend very deep research for these clinics. I would suggest that you see at least one board certified plastic surgeon. This information is what I have heard, not that I am sure of. I and my partners have seen complications from our local life time lift group.

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