joant4000 SAID:

Ok, I keep seeing ads for “Lifestyle Life” and I wanted to know what is really done. I assume it is a face lift of some type but no info is really explained. They say there is little down time. The women in the commercial look very good, not much younger but better. I received some info in the mail, but it an advertisement not much information. Can you explaine what is done?

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  1. Dr. Martha Matthews wrote on :

    Lifestyle Lift is a company that offers cosmetic surgical procedures. It is not a specific single procedure.

    Cosmetic procedures can be confusing — there is really no standard terminology. That is why it is important to understand exactly what the doctor is recommending, and what that includes or does not include. Just having a name of a procedure does not necessarily tell you (or me) what is done.

    When you are considering cosmetic surgery, you need to meet with the doctor for a consultation, and listen to his or her evaluation and recommendations, and feel free to ask questions untill you understand. That is good advice regardless of who you choose to consult.

  2. Dr. Beverly Friedlander wrote on :

    Dear Joan, You are right. The Lifestyle lift is a facelift of some sort. The Lifestyle lift involves a very successful marketing campaign. The physicians who perform it are members of the “Lifestyle lift” group. They can perform whatever they feel is needed for the patient as long as they include the basic lift and tightening known as the “lifestyle lift”. The aging process effects the entire face. For a woman to look younger after her surgery, the doctor must address the multiple areas associated with an aging appearance such as eylids, brows, neck, skin tone and textures, not only the jowls or cheeks addressed by the lifestyle lift.

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