mamalou SAID:

I have been having botox done every 6 months and had a filler done once to fill my 11’s between my eyebrows. It’s getting so expensive to maintain so my primary care doctor recommended I check with a plastic surgeon to see if a brow lift might be helpful. I am afraid of being cut as I have type 1 diabetes (well controlled) but my doctor says this procedure is minor. I am 58 and in otherwise good health. What procedure would you recommend for me if I am trying to reduce strong forehead muscles/lines without causing brows to sag?

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  1. Dr. James Leake wrote on :

    if botox is not acceptable, then an endoscopic or modified browlift may be the answer. it is not permanent, but it lasts longer than botox. it is surgery, tho not extensive. an office visit could clarify choices for you. Dr. James Leake, Marietta, GA….

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