CatherineLynne SAID:

I’ve had a consult with a plastic surgeon who said that I was not a good candidate for lower bleph because my under eye bags were too low. Is this a common issue?

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  1. Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim wrote on :

    if the fat that normally is under the eyeball, acting as a normal cushion pushes forward, you can see “bags”. This happens because the barrier or net that holds the fat in place becomes thinner with age and “lets the fat hang out or fall forward. If you have flatter cheeks, the fat bags are more prominent, like falling over the edge. If the eyes are more deep set, usually less eyelid bags because you are farther from the edge.
    So quick answer to you question: If the eyelid bags are truly from the fat falling forward, then you can be helped with an eyelid procedure. If the “low bags” are sagging cheek tissue then fat grafting may be the answer.

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