off2thespa SAID:

I recently bought a groupon at a place called New Genesis for an ULTRA LIPO SCULPTURE and when she asked if I had other areas of concern I was told they also can remove the fat from my neck with injections that dissolve it. I would have to use numbing cream and cellophane and it would swell after the injections that it would be about 4 treatments.

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  1. Dr. Maria LoTempio wrote on :

    Any procedure that affects the neck in a nonsurgical enviroment, I would be concerned. Research the doctor and facility first before entering into a situation which may not be suitable for your desired results. Good luck and thank you for your comments.

  2. A Doctor wrote on :

    Hi Susan,

    What’s your question though?

    Geri Brin

  3. Dr. William Rosenblatt wrote on :

    When it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Beware of all of these wonder cures. They are usually done by non trained non plastic surgeons looking to make a …… I won’t say. See a board certified plastic surgeon to find out what really can be done.

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