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olmdance4 SAID:

I’ve just turned 50 and have lost weight many times over the years. Large amounts of weight which have caused a real saggy belly. I would really like to do something about this flap. I am not at my ideal weight but close- but this excess skin has driven me crazy for years. Is the tummy tuck a safe option for me (I have diabetes and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) and am very pale skinned.

Thank you very much.

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  1. Dr. Dan Downey wrote on :

    Hello Ms. Martin,
    You have named the single most important factor, which is reaching a reasonable, stable body weight. After 50 this requires a lot of work and discretion about what we eat. Once the carpet of adipose fat is thinned out, an abdominoplasty can usually be safely performed on a functional well young woman with controlled diabetes. Your plastic surgeon can advise you about what sort of results you will achieve currently or with a little longer preparation time. The fairness of your skin at your age generally is a positive or neutral factor. Good luck.
    Dan Downey MD FACS
    Downey Plastic Surgery

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