judid SAID:

I recently lost 75 lbs and have around 25 to go but my belly is still very large and probably will not reduce much with 25 lbs of loss. Can I just do liposuction to remove fat and not a tummy tuck? I really don’t care about the skin I just want to get the most fat off my belly.

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  1. Dr. Mary Powers wrote on :

    Hello–from your description I do not think that you would be satisfied with simply liposuction. It seems that you want to look better in clothes so leaving folds of bulky skin around your abdomen would not allow you to do so. After 100 pounds of weight loss, liposuction, regardless of type, will probably not contract or shrink your abdominal skin to make a significant difference in clothes. I suggest that you have a consultation with a board certified ASPS plastic surgeon in your area and further details of your options can be discussed. Good Luck! Mary Powers, MD, FACS Westlake Village/Long Beach

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