nascarblue SAID:

i have had skin grafting surgeries and the scars are horrible, from an injury from work, they are on both legs, so i can no longer wear a dress, shorts, etc, i fight to this day a depression from not being able to feel like a woman, having to wear long pants everyday and seeing beautiful ladies with dresses and shorts, and going to the beach, that is gone for me, no i am not so depressed to hurt myself, i just want to try and get rid of the scars, my upper legs were used for the skin grafts and both lower legs were grafted, at least an 6×6 inch graft on both lower legs, my question is, is there anything that can help the scarring??? thank you

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  1. Dr. Elizabeth Morgan wrote on :

    I am so sorry for your experience. Skin grafts can leave scars. There may be ways to improve or remove these – for instance with skin expansion. I would consult one of Connecticut’s many excellent Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, possibly one at Yale’s Burn Center to discuss what might be done. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

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