TeriLenz SAID:

I had a partial vulvectomy, my left side (vulva) is gone. This makes bicycle and horse back riding (2 of three 3 activities I used to do) obsolete. I am also disfigured.
The upper left inner thigh muscle is a tad sensitive.
Breast cancer patients have, what I consider, the gift of rebuilding their breasts. What about me?

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  1. Dr. Theodore Diktaban wrote on :

    Dear Anonymous, Rest assured that there are reconstructive options for women, like you, who have vulvectomy surgery. There is some information that you may find useful on The American Cancer Society page regarding vulvar cancer treatment: http://www.cancer.org/cancer/vulvarcancer/detailedguide/vulvar-cancer-treating-surgery. I also suggest you ask your gynecologic oncologist for a referral to a reconstructive plastic surgeon who specializes in reconstruction after vulvectomy. I wish you well in your search.

  2. Dr. Malcolm Roth wrote on :

    See a plastic surgeon. Reconstructive options are probably available to you that could make you look and feel restored and allow you to return to bicycle and horseback riding. In addition, it would probably be covered by your insurance.

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