dh300 SAID:

What is e best treatment for under eye hollowness and wrinkles? I am 59. I am very afraid to do fillers in that area as I have heard horror stories about doing that.

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  1. Dr. Lyle Back wrote on :

    Fillers are often a very effective treatment for the under-eye hollowness you’ve described. They are also inexpensive and a relatively simple office procedure. But you are right; some patients do not “love” their results with this method, and others might have more bruising, lumpiness, etc. than they would find acceptable. Fat injection sculpting for this problem is another alternative that can work quite well, but fat still has the same general possible disadvantages. The advantages with fat (after some possible absorption): it is typically a better long term, and (ultimately) a less expensive solution. Lastly, fat injection sculpting combined with a resurfacing type procedure (such as a fractionated laser treatment) for this wrinkles of the lower eyelid associated with this situation can really yield some very satisfying results. Hope this helps, but consulting with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon is your next best step!

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