boop595 SAID:

I went to a Plastic Surgeon in July and had Botox on my forehead, lines between my eyes and Radiesse for my marionette lines. Total cost was $1,300. I went back 3 weeks later because I wasn’t happy at all with my Marionette lines. He then injected Juvederm $650. I am still not happy so I have an appt this Thursday for I guess more Juvederm and another $650. The lines between my eyes never really disappeared and the lines in my forehead are back already! Is it possible for fillers not to work? Am I just not a good candidate? Did I just go to the wrong doctor? Should I just give up? HELP!!!

On: September 16, 2013
To doctors from: NY

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  1. Dr. Elliot Jacobs wrote on :

    Both fillers and Botox are extremely technique dependent. That is, it depends on the skills of the doctor who is administering them. There are a few patients who have antibodies to Botox — but not many, so the Botox should have worked. If you have not had a reasonable correction of your problems, then you might consider another surgeon for another opinion and possible treatment.

  2. Dr. William Rosenblatt wrote on :

    It’s impossible to answer your questions without seeing you. Botox usually lasts for 3 months. It paralyzes your muscles, but does not get rid of all of the lines. Also Juviderm and Radiesse will soften lines – but they may need to be repeated. Fillers do work, but the final result depends on not only who injects them but how bad you were when they were put in.

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