AngelicaGonzalez SAID:

I am doing some research in the plastic surgery field, so I would like to know some of the most common reasons people have for getting a plastic surgery.

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  1. Dr. Diana Ghosh wrote on :

    There are Many reasons why people chose cosmetic surgery. Here are som of the most common in my experience:

    1.Some people do not like how they look and want to feel better about themselves when they look in the mirror.
    2. People are now working well into their 60’s and 70’s and may feel they need to look younger to remain competitive in the workplace.
    3. There are those who feel active, young and healthy on the inside, but feel this is not projected in their physical appearance, This group undergoes surgery to match their appearance to how they feel inside.

  2. Dr. James Wethe wrote on :

    There are many reasons people would consider plastic surgery but let’s divide it into two groups. One group has “functional” issues…i.e. they have a problem related to some form of defect. This could be following surgery, such as a mastectomy, or could be related to skin cancer, birthmarks and a wide variety of other problems for which people come to a Plastic Surgeon. The other group is those who have cosmetic or aesthetic issues which bother them and they seek the advice and counsel of Plastic Surgeons as to what options exist for either correction or modification of their current status. In this group there is, again, a wide variety of reasons for the consultations which include things such as facial aging, eyelid aging, wrinkles and sun damaged skin, breast surgery (including both augmentations as well as breast reductions), excess fatty deposits that can be modified by liposuction as well as excess skin following weight loss and the list can go on and on. Simply put, plastic surgery is a resource to a wide variety of patient’s concerns and we strive to address those issues and provide solutions.

  3. Dr. Marialyn Sardo wrote on :

    More and more people are considering plastic surgery as it becomes more accessible, affordable, and acceptable. Some people are bothered by a particular feature that they were born with, i.e. a nasal hump, small breasts or protruding ears, Others may consider plastic surgery after they have changes in their bodies brought about by child bearing, weight loss or weight gain. Examples would be a breast lift, tummy tuck or liposuction. Still others, may want to reverse or improve the changes brought on by aging. As we get older, eyelids, faces and necks begin to wrinkle and sag. Procedures attempt to remodel the features to younger looking or more idealistic proportions. The end result? Improved satisfaction with one’s appearance, if expectations were realistic, and often improved self-esteem and confidence.

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