Nanadukes SAID:

By all symtoms i believe i have a tear in my capsule of my right breast. (Saline implants 14 years ago). I have been in severe pain since dec 25 th. My doctor has since retired so i called a new one. I cant get in till jan 13th. Cant move or do anything without pain and feeling as im damaging it more! Is there anything i can do to releave some of the pain till i can see doctor? I tried heating pad , bras, taping breast in place.. Still extreme pain i’m also right handed so cant use right side! Please any pain relief help or help to heal it? Diabetic on pump so need to be able to move around. (Sugar high because of pain) Thank you so very much! In tears.

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  1. Dr. Joseph Fodero wrote on :

    I recommend going to the emergency room, the pain you are describing should not be ignored.

  2. Dr. Tito Vasquez wrote on :

    New pain is never normal. It’s quite possible you tore the capsule or sustained a muscle strain or tear around the implant. The high sugar could also potential mean an infection or inflammation. If the pain is getting worse, your best recourse would be to go to the emergency room for further investigation and/or an MRI. I hope this helps.

  3. Dr. Malcolm Roth wrote on :

    If you cannot get an appointment with a plastic surgeon until January 13, I would suggest calling your primary care physician or getting an evaluation in either an urgent care center or hospital Emergency Department, especially if your sugar is not controlled.

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