KaylieLove SAID:

Hello, im curious on this topic and have been for a while now, When you have breast implants done, do you have any feeling in your breasts? And also, do your nipples stay permanently hard?

0 Answers

  1. Dr. Brooke Seckel wrote on :

    Although general breast sensation is decreased early after breast augmentation most patients recover sensation by 1 year. There is a reported 5% risk of loss of nipple sensation that can be permanent but in my experience this rate is much less then 5%.

    Nipples can be hypersensitive after breast augmentation but permanent nipple erection is something that I have never seen after breast augmentation.

  2. Dr. Robert Buchanan wrote on :

    If asked, almost everyone says that the sensation after breast enlargement is increased at a year. However, when measured, almost everyone has a decrease that averages about 5%. The nipples stay erect for only a short time after surgery. This is due to stimulation of the nerves to the erector muscles by the surgery. These are two of the lesser things to consider before surgery. Instead, make sure your physician is a board certified plastic surgeon and that the procedure will be done in a certified facility. Then you can ask any question you wish.

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