Huss_r SAID:


I lost about 40 KG ..

I have extended skin on my abdomen and flanks.

I decided to have a belt lipectomy .

My concern is about “recovery” time, especially i am working at intensive care unit 12 hours per shift.

So, i should arrange for my off days.

Can you give me the average for recovery days from belt lipectomy?


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  1. Dr. David Motoki wrote on :

    If you have a rectus diastasis repair then you may have restrictions on heavy lifting and strenuous activities for up to six weeks or more. If you are having skin and fat excision only then the recovery time may be about two to three weeks. The actual time depends on the preferences of your surgeon and does not include additional recovery time if any complications should occur.

  2. Dr. James Wethe wrote on :

    Having a belt lipectomy (congrats for losing 40 kg, not easy to do) is a real operation with a real recovery time attached to it. Since you work in an intensive care unit with 12 hour shifts I would think a bit more time off makes sense rather than a bit less. 3 weeks would be my thought for the minimum amount you should consider as your job has long days and extensive standing involved. Discuss all of this in detail with your chosen plastic surgeon to make sure that the physician doesn’t have a different viewpoint and hope all goes well.
    J. Wethe, M.D.

  3. Dr. Curtis Wong wrote on :

    If you’re truly having a belt lipectomy with tummy work, plan on 4-6 weeks off from work and that is assuming that everything goes perfectly

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