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Hello, I a 56 year old women who is a breast cancer survivor since January 2000. I am looking for a board certified plastic surgeon to reconstruct my beast. Since the mastectomy of my right breast, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. So I need some that has experience with reconstruction of a patient with diabetes. If reconstruction is an option, I am a person who keloids. Would you be able to lessen the scar tissue from keloids? Thanks

Since my mastectomy, I am constantly struggling with one breast being extremely larger than the other and when I gain weight only one breast gains weight so I want to correct this issue. If surgery is not an option because on my diabetes, can you suggest other options?

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  1. Dr. Gustavo Galante wrote on :

    You have asked about several issues which are all relevant to reconstructive breast surgery. Diabetes should not be an issue if it is very well controlled. Regardless of the surgeon, diabetics in general are at a slightly increased risk of infection, but good control of the blood sugar will lessen this risk.

    The key to breast reconstruction is to acheive symmetry. If the opposite breast is very large or saggy, a breast reduction or lift may be indicated. This will also depend on the type of reconstrution performed. If the opposite breast is at high risk for developing cancer, a prophylactic mastectomy can be considered.

    Lastly, scars are rarely under the control of the surgeon. In general, plastic surgeons use sutures and techniques to minimize scars. However, if a patient is prone to keloids, an unfavorable scar may be unavoidable.

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