Cazzie SAID:

What can be done about crepey arm skin? This is quite unnerving and I will not wear sleeveless clothing. It is not a case of weight-loss extra skin as some experience; I am not overweight nor have I lost a lot of weight. I have muscle tone (from yoga and other) but the crepey skin is still there. If my arms are at my side it does not show, but when I move the arm, lift up, there it is.

Why does this happen and what is the solution as I’d like to go sleeveless again!

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  1. Dr. Gustavo Galante wrote on :

    This is a difficult problem to correct. Age and genetics are factors out of your control. Typically, these are the underlying causes for this issue. Long term sun exposure can also cause loss of elasticity in the skin. Surgery to remove it is probably not the best option as it is a problem with skin quality not quantity. There are some non-invasive devices available that aid in shrinking the skin to some degree, but the results are not predictable and may not be worth the cost or the risks.

  2. Dr. Douglas Leppink wrote on :

    The issue of loose, thin skin is a problem that many patients ask about. The reason this happens is that as our skin ages the most superficial layer becomes thicker while the deepest layers become thinner. The deep layers of our skin contain the elastic fibers that give our skin stretch, and when the deep layers become thin our skin loses “tightness.” The superficial layer is dry and stiff, and so our skin looks like dry wrinkled paper. If this occurs on our face (which has great blood supply and healing properties) then we can use lasers and peels to tighten up the skin by creating a thicker deep layer in our skin. In other areas of our body our only option is to nourish our skin with moisturizers and maintain overall good health. I would recommend that you seek a aesthetician to advise you on the best way to care for your skin.

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