CarianneRons SAID:

Hi my name is Carianne I was thinking of having a tummy tuck with lipo and I now weigh 156.0lbs so how much weight do I need to loose to have a tummy tuck with lipo done

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7 Answers

  1. Dr. Constance Barone wrote on :

    There is NO specific weight, as long as you are stable at that weight and do not intend to lose more weight now is a good time to meet with the physician. Best of Luck!

  2. Dr. Mennen Gallas wrote on :

    There is not a specific weight that you need to achieve to be a candidate for the procedure. If your weight is stable now would be a good time to meet with a plastic surgeon for an evaluation.

  3. Dr. Sam Sukkar wrote on :

    Hi Carianne,
    If you think you are at a stable point, then I would definitely proceed with a Lipo-Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck). If you would like to loose 20+ lbs then it would be best to wait until you have reached that point to proceed with your surgery.

    Dr. Sukkar is a board certified plastic surgeon with a vast experience (over 15 years) in a number of cosmetic procedures. Please visit our website at and contact us for a pre-consultaton by one of our experienced Patient Care Coordinators. The Patient Care Coordinator will assist you in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Sukkar.

  4. Dr. Dustin Reid wrote on :

    Hi Carianne. I agree with the others that it sounds like you are ready. If your weight is stable, it’s time to take the next step to looking awesome!

  5. Dr. James Boynton wrote on :

    It sounds to me like you are ready. I don’t think you absolutely have to a certain amount of weight. If your weight is relatively stable I think you are fine. I would also agree that you need to choose a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic or cosmetic plastic surgery.

  6. Dr. Frank Agullo wrote on :

    It sounds like you are ready to undergo your tummy tuck. Most patients are ready when their weight loss plateaus. If you believe you are going to loose more than 20 lbs, the wait. Otherwise oh ahead. Consult a board certified plastic surgeon to be certain.

  7. Dr. Andrew Wolfe wrote on :

    Hi Carianne,

    Thank you for your question. The results of a tummy tuck and liposuction will be all the better if you are under a BMI of 30 and/or near your goal weight. That being said, in my practice, we do not necessarily focus on the patient having a BMI of a certain number in order to perform a tummy tuck. Our focus is more about are you at a stable weight that you can maintain without fluctuation? If your answer is yes, I say go for the tummy tuck. If you intend to (and realistically think that you will) lose an additional 20 pounds or so, I would advise you to wait on the tummy tuck until after you have lost the weight.

    Andrew J. Wolfe, M.D.

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